Burton Latimer

development houses
Burton Latimer



Three developments currently stand in Burton Latimer .  They are:

Buckby Grange (Linden Homes)

White Lodge Farm (Grace Homes)

Glade Gardens (Orbit)


As part of the Travel Plan, a Travel Pack unique to each development is available for residents in the related content section below.



Appearing in the Doomsday book since 1086, Burton Latimer is becoming an increasingly popular town to live in.  Doing it's bit for the environment, the Burton Wold Wind Farm can be seen on the drive in against a beautiful green landscape.  A mixture of modern housing developments and old town traditional houses and pubs ensures there is something for everyone's taste. 

It is home to the infamous Weetabix factory, originally a 19th century water mill and purchased by Weetabix in the 1930s and is set along the beautiful River Nene.  In Burton Latimer itself there are numerous shops, restaurants and the hidden treasure Bosworth Garden Centre

Within a short journey to Stanwick Lakes and Wicksteed Park there's always something to do and see. And if you fancy holding a tarantula, you should take a trip to Bugtopia!