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Let us know about your travel experience and how we can improve the information which is provided on this website...

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General Travel Experiences...


Please let us know what you like about the information provided and any suggestions on how it can be improved by emailing the Northamptonshire Travel Choices Team at:

[email protected]

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Cycling in Northamptonshire...



Provide feedback about cycling in Northamptonshire by contacting Cycle Northants via Twitter, Facebook and email:

[email protected]


On the road...



Provide feedback about your experiences on the road in Northamptonshire by contacting Northamptonshire Highways via Twitter or email [email protected]

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Street Doctor...


Street Doctor is the easy-to-use, interactive online service where you can report and track any highway issues that you encounter whilst on your travels around Northamptonshire.

Some problems cannot be reported through Street Doctor because they are the responsibility of other organisations.

Click here to find out what these issues are.

Please read these before reporting a problem on Street Doctor