Upton Place Residents Travel Pack

As part of your developments Travel Plan we have collated information to help you get to know your area and plan your sustainable journeys to work, school, doctors and many more places. 

Whether you have moved to a completely new area or you are simply wondering what facilities you have near home, below is a concise list of the top amenities near your development. We have also included travel options, as part of your developments travel plan is to reduce the amount of single occupancy car journeys and encourage sustainable travel by residents. 


Vets Now 



Local Shopping Centres 

Co-op food 


Upton Shop 


Gym and Leisure Centres 


Martial Arts 

Please take a couple of minutes to complete our Travel Survey regarding your development and the way in which you get about. Your answers really help us see, year on year, the impact the development is having on the roads, environment and air quality. If you have any questions please contact us on [email protected]