Work in Brackmills Industrial Estate?

Have you tried catching a bus or train into town and then cycling or walking the rest of the way to Brackmills? 

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Cycle it...

It is also worth noting that some businesses operating on the Brackmills Industrial Estate have private cycle parking which allows employees to safely and securely lock up their personal bikes. 

Incorporating dedicated and segregated shared use walking and cycling lanes; the walking and cycling route between town and Brackmills routes next to the River Nene, through Beckets Park, on to a segregated shared use walking and cycling path on the A45 eventually routing on to Caswell Road. 

Click here to view a map of National Cycle Route 6 which routes between Northampton Town Centre and Brackmills Industrial Estate. 

Walk it...

Walking from town to Brackmills takes approximately 30 minutes each way. 

Why not try and walk this once a week and use it to help you reach your recommended 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. It would be a great way to reach your weekly steps target as well! 

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