School Buses

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Why use Northamptonshire’s School Bus Service?



Northamptonshire’s School Bus Service provides a direct-to-school service which means, simply put; that travelling on the school bus will ensure that your child will get to school and actually go to school. A study conducted in the USA has actually linked taking the school bus to improved school attendance.


Northamptonshire’s School Bus Service offers the consistency and reliability of your child arriving at school on time each morning. Arriving late to school is the responsibility of the bus company and doesn’t reflect negatively on the student.

Bus mirror
School bus


Having your child take the school bus enables you to use your time more efficiently doing the things that you want to do. Instead of spending time everyday travelling to and from your child’s school often at the busiest times of the day when you’re most likely to get stuck in traffic, why not use that time to do your weekly food shop, or squeeze in a trip to the gym, or use the time saved to cook your child a wholesome meal?


Households whose children get the school bus can save considerable money which is normally spent on fuel.

Did you know that for some students Northamptonshire’s School Bus service is free to use! Click here to find out if your child qualifies for free transport to school.


Statistically, taking the school bus to school is safer than the private car, with a smaller amount of accidents and injuries occurring involving a school bus. Research from the USA suggests students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends and more than 20 times safer than if they ride with a parent or other adult.

Northamptonshire’s School Bus service means that those who use it do not have to navigate the streets and therefore avoid the dangers posed from vehicles and other humans which unfortunately exist on our streets.


Taking the school bus provides time for children to socialise and build relationships with their fellow school mates of all ages. You never know, sitting next to someone on the school bus could be the start of a life-long friendship for your child!

Travel... on a School Bus
Kids on scooters


Encourages Independence

Catching the school bus can help teach your child to be organised and responsible from an early age. Having to get themselves ready every morning whilst keeping to a schedule can really prepare them for later life.


Catching the school bus has all of the environmental benefits of catching a normal bus.

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