Why take the bus?

Cheaper, quicker and convenience are only some of the benefits of catching a bus.

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Save money by taking the bus and use it to go to the cinema



Bus tickets are significantly cheaper than the cost of owning, running and maintaining your own private vehicle. This is intensified with the emergence of long term and flexible bus tickets. Click here to find out about the different ways you can pay for the bus in Northamptonshire.

On average each bus takes around 40 cars off the road.  This means less of an impact on the highway network therefore reducing the demand for road improvement and repair schemes, and frees up money to be spent on other services in the community.




Unlike the private car, buses have priority in urban areas and are able to use dedicated bus lanes and get closer to inner city destinations.

This often results in quicker journey times during the congested morning and evening periods.

Northamptonshire Bus Lane
UNO bus, sunset, lift tower



Taking the bus provides additional free time otherwise spent driving, enabling you to catch up on emails, phone, text, read or simply relax whilst on the move.

This is made possible by some bus services in Northamptonshire even providing Wi-Fi coverage on board. Check out Stagecoaches’ snazzy blue and gold buses

In addition - Save on the cost, time and hassle of searching for a parking space when arriving at your destination.



Obesity is a huge health concern in the UK effecting over 20% of adults but it can be tackled through regular exercise.

Walking to and from the bus stop or even getting off a few stops before your destination are easy ways to increase your activity levels.

Similarly if you are feeling stressed at work, worrying about something at home or just generally have something on you mind, physical activity and being outdoors is a proven remedy to improve your mental well-being and help you get through life’s struggles.

Northampton bus with a reflection of the bus at a bus stop
Stop contributing to CO2 emissions



Environmentally friendly

By opting to take the bus to work each day instead of driving you are reducing your carbon footprint by up to 3.8 tonnes per year.

You are also leading to fewer cars being on the road, reducing congestion and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions, making Northamptonshire’s streets and your local neighbourhood more ambient, attractive and healthier places to be.

Additional Reasons...

Using public transport also builds up your independence and personal confidence as well as providing the opportunity for socialising with neighbours and contributing to a sense of community in your local area.

In the UK, 86% of all traffic accidents occur on built up roads, replacing your car journey with a bus journey reduces the amount of cars on the road and ultimately creates a safer environment for you and your loved ones.


When it comes to riding the bus, there are a lot of reasons people often give as to why they don't want to use the bus...

The Northamptonshire Mythbusters are here to set the record straight!

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Mythbusters: Buses are old
1900's horse drawn transport outside the Abington Park Hotel, Northampton
Mythbusters: Buses are late
With real time and live information, make waiting around a thing of the past.
Mythbusters: Buses are dirty
Leather seats, extra legroom and free Wi-Fi - check out Stagecoach's Gold X4 service.