Smart Time - Travelling to Work

Being Smart about the time that you choose to travel to work can help you maximise your free time to do things that you enjoy most in life...

Why not shift your working hours 15-30 minutes earlier or later to avoid travelling in peak traffic times? This means you could have up to an hour extra a day doing more of the things you love

Carry on reading to find out how Julie from Kingsthorpe already benefits from thinking Smartly about the time that she chooses to travel…

I wake up at 6:30am and leave the house at 7:15am. This way I miss the heavy rush hour traffic which makes my journey to work much quicker. As I arrive at work much earlier, I complete my working day earlier so get to set off before the afternoon rush hour. This gives me more leisure time in the evening than if I travelled during the rush hour to work’
Julie from Kingsthorpe
More time to take the dog for a walk

Tom from Wellingborough has always tried to avoid travelling in the rush hour for the following reasons...

I prefer to reach my destination in the shortest possible time so therefore avoid the main peak rush hour periods and travel before and/or after these occur. I feel I reach my workplace in a better frame of mind with time to set myself up for the day without the last minute rush! Additionally it avoids the drivers who are late and therefore think it is ok to cut you up and drive erratically!
Tom from Wellingborough

Will my employer allow me to work flexible hours?


In 2014 the UK Government introduced The Flexible Working Regulations 2014 which means that all employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks have the legal right to request flexible working* (which includes working flexible hours). Click here for more details or continue reading below…

*Please note that these regulations are job permitting. These regulations do not apply if your job requires you to be working at set times (for instance if you work set shifts in retail).


Have you heard about Flexitime?

Flexitime photo


Flexitime is a scheme where an organisation gives its employees the opportunity to work flexible hours outside the core hours of 1000 – 1600 allowing employees to commute to work outside of peak times which often results in reduced stress and increased job satisfaction.

The process also allows workers to take care of personal matters without having to take time off work and is helpful for employees with children and relatives who require care.

If this sounds like it would suit your routine, why not have a word with your boss?

Or maybe you are the boss, would allowing your employees to work Flexitime lead to a happier team?

Give it a go!



Working flexible hours can result in many of the benefits that Working from Home does for both employees and employers.

These include...

  • Increased free time for the individual working flexible hours
  • Increased job satisfaction for employees
  • Reduced staff absenteeism and turnover for the employer




Download the booklet below for further detailed information about flexible working and for guidance of how it could work for you and your organisation...