Smart Mode - Suitable Mode

                                                              Different modes of transport are suited to different journeys...

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Horses for Courses

Although the use of horses for travel has long been a thing of the past, the phrase ‘horses for courses’ rings true when it comes to being Smart about the mode that you use for travel...

Did you know…

  • Approximately 11% of trips that are less than 1 mile (and 29% of trips between 1-2 miles) are made by car.
  • It is estimated that there are 9 billion journeys that are currently completed by car that could easily be completed by other, more sustainable modes.

Cars are thought to be the quickest and easiest mode of transport but short distance trips are often better suited to walk or cycle

Carry on reading for examples of short distance journeys that you could possibly cycle or walk…

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Examples of journeys where you can challenge what mode of transport you use...

Dropping the kids off at school


Have you considered walking or cycling with your child on their way to school?

Walking or cycling to school can have positive impacts on your child’s development such as improving your child’s fitness levels and increasing their independence and confidence.

Need your car to travel to work?

Why not park a little further from the school and avoid causing congestion by walking the last few hundred meters. This will have all the above benefits on your child - not to mention improving your health and fitness too!

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Trip to the local shop


Heading out to pick up a few things from your local shop? Why not ditch the car and walk or cycle there instead?

It’s a great way to include exercise into your normal routine!


Eating out locally


Are you and the other half or you and a group of friends off out for a meal at a local restaurant?

Again, why not consider walking there?

Why not treat yourself to a desert as you’ll be burning those extra calories off on the walk home anyway!


Why not let your hair down and allow yourself a few alcoholic beverages as you’ll no longer have to worry about driving home!

Eating out at a Pizza Restaurant

Walking and Cycling Benefits


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