Why Cycle?

Cycling has many benefits from improved fitness to money saving to reducing your carbon footprint or even just having fun!

Carry on reading to find out more...

No Parking Please


Save Time

Cycling can enable you to get to your destinations a lot quicker as you are not restricted by those frustrating traffic jams on the roads.

Save Money

Annually, car owners can spend up to £3,727 to keep their car maintained and road-worthy whereas keeping a bike up and running costs on average just £396 a year!

Save Time AND Money

Save time driving around searching for a car parking space and save on the money you often have to pay for it.

Cycle parking is often free and located in convenient places.



Improve your Physical Health


Stay fit and active by cycling to and from the places that you need to get to. Cycling enables you to build exercise in to your everyday routine without it feeling like a chore.

Did you know that 1000 calories can be burned off by cycling to work just 3 days a week – that’s the same as 4 double cheeseburgers!

Those wishing to lose weight can shed up to 100lbs in their first year of getting on the bike and cycling to work along side a healthy lifestyle.

BMX action shot
Cycling mime


Improve your Mental Health


Healthy body, healthy mind…

The link between physical health and mental health has long been established and thus cycling is a great way to build a healthy mind.

Numerous studies have shown that cycling can have emotional benefits such as:

  • Elevating your mood
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Increasing stress resistance
  • Keeping away depression
Above all... cycling is fun!
Three happy children on tricycles
Cycling is a fantastic way to keep healthy, beat boring traffic jams and keep those bank accounts afloat!