Smart Time - Travelling to Events

Being Smart about the time you travel to an event can maximise your experience of it making sure that you, your family and your friends have a great time out which is memorable for the right reasons... 


Travel Early


When travelling to a rugby match, a concert or any other events that are likely to attract large crowds, why not travel early to avoid event traffic and find a parking space in a preferred location?

Doing this can help you avoid any worry and stress associated with potentially missing the start of an event and also builds in time enabling any last minute food or toilet stops.

It also gives you time to grab something to eat beforehand, explore the event’s location or just soak up the event’s atmosphere.

Zander Diamond and Wayne Rooney football match
Credit: Pete Norton
Rockingham Motor Speedway
Credit: Jacob Ebrey Photography

Park away from the event location


If driving, why not try parking away from the arena and walking the last stretch?

This could make leaving the arena quicker and easier as you often avoid the event traffic afterwards too.

Parking away from the event venue could also save you money by avoiding potentially expensive event site parking fees.

Walking the last stretch to the venue also provides you with health benefits and gives you extra time to chat about what you've just seen - good or bad! 

The sense of buzzing anticipation for an event can only truly be felt on the walk up to the venue!
Northampton FC fans celebrating promotion
Credit: Pete Norton